Olmsted Falls Computer Repair

Founded right here in 2011, Falls PC Clinic is proud to call Olmsted Falls home. Many Olmsted Falls residents rely on the convenience and expertise of Falls PC Clinic.

Bring Mike Harb your frozen hard drive, or that laptop your cat spilled pop all over the keyboard and any other technological challenge you face. With Falls PC Clinic, you don’t have to face it alone.

Big box stores are impersonal and often in a hurry to simply sell your something. Why not give someone local a chance? Smart folks all over Olmsted Falls are finding we’re ready to listen to their problems and figure out if it’s best solved with “something new” or if it can indeed be solved by attempting a repair, or installing an upgrade.

Located in the heart of “the Falls” – you’ll find us across from St. Mary of the Falls, adjacent to BP. Computer repair done right!