Fixing Brook Park’s Broken PCs

Hello Brook Park! Let’s face it. We’re all living at a break-neck pace, and rely on our computers to make everything come together – and it’s just frustrating when things don’t work! Who in the world has the time to deal with tech failures? Not everyone has access to that “high tech” cousin who’s got hours to spend solving your issue. However, I do know how to fix your computer. That’s why I started Falls PC Clinic.

Did you know? Just a short drive over into Olmsted Falls, (click for map) there’s a little place that can fill that “high tech” cousin niche. We know just how to diagnose if your PC is slow due to a frozen hard drive versus bad memory versus a virus. We can un-stick your sticky “enter” key or can simply replace your keyboard if we decide it’s beyond repair. We know if your internet is slow because of your computer or it it’s due to your router – and can help you upgrade your router if you need a new one.

Big box stores only want to sell you a new PC. We are less than 15 minutes away – and are ready with a friendly smile – so, stop on by! Falls PC Clinic is computer repair done right!