Middleburg Heights’ Computers Finally Getting Fixed

Making technology do right since 2011, nearby Falls PC Clinic is being discovered by more and more people in Middleburg Heights as the perfect place to get their computers repaired and humming again.  I would like to welcome all the EMC computer clients to Falls PC Clinic.  I grew up in Middleburgh Hts., graduated from Midpark High School and my parents still live in Middleburgh Hts.  Thank you for trusting me with your computer needs.

Mike Harb has seen it all – from frozen hard drives, to stuck laptop keys, workstations that come “crawling in” due to malware and viruses. Bring him your tired and poor downtrodden circuitry and he knows how to bring new life into it. With Falls PC Clinic, you don’t have throw it all away and start over.

Big box retail stores are impersonal and usually in a rush to sell your anything they can. More and more, Middleburg Heights residents are wising up and turning to their “local I.T. guy”, Mike Harb, in neighboring Olmsted Falls. Mike is ready to listen to their problems and figure out if it’s best solved with a new purchase or if it can indeed be solved by attempting a fix, or upgrading software.

About 15 minutes west of Middleburg Heights, OH – Falls PC Clinic can be found down Bagley Road, just left of the BP station after you cross Columbia (click for map). Computer repair done right!