Columbia Station’s Computer Repair

Computer repair done right for Columbia Station:

If you want to define “no nonsense”, you might want to start by talking to the hard working folks in Columbia Station. And one thing’s for sure, they expect their technology to work even harder. Technology is something you’re not supposed to notice – it’s supposed to be a conduit for getting things done – that’s why it’s so frustrating when it DOESN’T work, now you’re having to pay attention to your tools instead of using them to get work done.

Just like many equestrians in Columbia Station can tame a wild horse, Mike Harb has been harnessing technology so that it stays on the right path. Residents and businesses alike have been coming to Falls PC Clinic for years now, and are finding it’s like having their own dedicated helpdesk. Whether it’s setting up a new network, or recovering a hard-drive that was seized by a virus, Falls PC Clinic knows how to bring the tech online again.

So, if your laptop sounds like it’s working, but the screen has blacked-out, or if you know your iPhone needs an iOS upgrade, but are unsure of where to start, or, if you’re starting a small business but want to skip the hassle of learning how to do a network – Falls PC Clinic is the place for you.

Just head up 252 until you get to Bagley – you’ll see it on the left – just past the BP station.