WordPress Expertise

WordPress is a popular publishing platform that has quickly become useful as a content management system far beyond it’s original blogging utility. Falls PC Clinic knows WordPress. We know how to create a system that not only looks beautiful to your audience, but is beautiful to administer.If you have an existing WordPress site that needs updating, theme upgrading, security fixes, or transitioning to a different host – we have the expertise you’re looking for – we can create custom logic in the form of ‘plugins’ if you have a specific business need that isn’t being met by your current WordPress installation.

Example of website work
Website upgrade using wordpress. We can customize your website to fit your needs.

Eastland Inn needed a simple eye-catching site that heralded their core competencies. Falls PC Clinic took various digital images and retouched them, and incorporated those into an off-the-shelf WordPress theme that we slightly customized to better fit with The Eastland Inn”s brand.

The theme we selected is responsive – built using modern web standards for HTML and CSS which help it display optimally no matter the device – Mobile or Desktop!